Israeli Green Pickled Olives

4½ pounds fresh green olives (cut each olive a little from both sides)   
7 garlic cloves, sliced
2 unpeeled lemons cut into eighths
2 dry hot red chili peppers
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Filtered water
1. Soak the green olives in water for 4 days. Rinse the olives by changing
the water once a day.

2. Put the olives in the jar, mixing the lemons, fennel seeds, garlic and
hot peppers equally with the olives.

3. Add water according to the following ratio: for each cup of water,  add
1 tbsp sea-salt. Fill the jar up, then add olive oil on top.

4. Close the jar, store in a dry, dark spot for 14 days,  and behold, your
pickled green olives are ready! 




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