Fava Beans With Fried Onions


(for 6-8 sevings)

1 lb. Dry Fava Beans (without the inner shell, yellow in color).
3 Tb. Sp. Olive Oil
3/4 Tb. Sp. Salt
1 t. Sp. sugar
12 Stems Dill
1 small and 2 very large Onions
6 Tb. Sp. Olive oil

Preparation :

Wash and soak fava beans in cold water over night at least.
Change water and boil fava beans .  Water should be at least 2" above the beans.  When water starts to boil, take away the forming foam with a spoon. Then add 1 small onion cut up in large pieces , dill stems cut in 1" lengths (save all the leaves), 3 Tb. Sp. olive oil,salt and sugar.  Cook until very, very soft about 3 hours over low heat. Add hot water if necessary. Let cool a little and put every thing through a wire sieve or food processor.  It should be like a creamed soup.
Turn back into the pot. Add chopped dill leaves and boil for 2 minutes stirring.
Pour into a shallow pyrex or similar plate not more than 1 1/2" deep.  Let it cool for several hours.
The day you will serve:  Cube fine 2 large onions and fry them in 6 Tb. Sp. of olive oil until they are amber color.  Spread over fava. (fried onions lose crispness and color if left in the fridge over night.)
Served cold                                                                            


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