What is the Mediterranean diet?

There's no such thing as a uniform Mediterranean diet, but different Mediterranean cuisines naturally interconnected with:
  • Olive oil, the pillar of Mediterranean recipes, and other fundamental Mediterranean foods like bread, grains, legumes, fresh vegetables and fruits, rice, pasta, seafood, nuts, and much more.
  • The everyday use of natural fresh local seasonal plant foods that gently balance the intake of fish, meat and poultry.
  • A wide range of dishes that include meat recipes, fish and seafood recipes prepared with fresh and seasonal seafoods from the nearby Mediterranean Sea, chicken recipes, a myriad delicious vegetable recipes, and many more Mediterranean recipes and regional specialties.
  • The ingrained habit of sitting at a table in company to eat three meals every day, from which at least two are cooked. The Mediterranean diet is primarily based on warm dishes, not raw food. Eating and socializing go hand in hand.
  • A relaxed spirit regarding food and eating, which is paramount in feeling cheerful and healthy.
  • The deep-rooted tradition of using any occasion, however small, to get together with some friends, outdoors if at all possible, and celebrate with a succulent Mediterranean diet meal like fisherman's suquet de peix, grilled lamb chops with aioli and delicious grilled artichokes or, of course, a mouthwatering rice paella.
  • And last but not least, sitting on for hours after a meal philosophizing aloud about the world.


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