Foie gras with figs and Muscat


for 6 people

- A foie gras 500g
- 5 or 6 dried figs red
- 1 glass sweet Muscat, 120 ml
- Fine salt, white pepper (because he does not see)


Soak the figs in Muscat, two hours before preparing this dish. Denervated liver, salt and pepper to taste. In the bottom of a casserole dish, place the figs in a single layer, add the foie gras by packing well.
Drizzle with just the remaining muscat soaked figs, close the pot with lid and arrange everything in a water bath in a furnace heated to 250 ° C for 25 minutes. It will be half-cooked.
This dish is even better when prepared the day ahead. It works perfectly, as a starter with a few strands of curly lettuce, a baguette and Muscat, which was used in its preparation.


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